Where is Sri Matha Old Age Home Located?2021-04-19T12:31:32+05:30

Sri Matha Old Age Home Located Hair Hara Nilayam, Kukatpally, Near Rao’s High School, Hyderabad.

What is Sri Matha Old Age Home philosophy of care?2021-04-19T12:32:18+05:30

We have individual care plans based on their diagnosis, health condition & engagement needs, we have the expert in managing patients who are not capable of doing their own work; either physical or mental are completely looked after by our caregivers

Is there any visiting hours?2021-04-19T12:32:55+05:30

Our doors open at any time. We are happy and motivate family members to visit as often as possible. Although we recommend that family members can observe instead of actively participating in routine activities will help Sri Matha Old Age Home Caregivers to build their own reports with the residents

What are the basic services provided in the room?2021-04-19T12:34:15+05:30

Each resident has an ensuite room with a private washroom as well as a private or shared balcony.  Each room is furnished with a queen size bed and side tables, an easy chair, and a stool. Additionally, there is a LED TV with private cable connection, wardrobe, and air conditioning & oil heaters.

Are family members allowed to stay overnight with the resident?2021-04-19T12:34:54+05:30

We are not allowed and this is against our policy keeping in mind resident welfare. This may be a cause of concern as we have observed that senior’s second sight with dementia may take time to readjust after a night stay by a family member. The stay may also disturb the routine of your loved one and other residents.

What does the service fee include when it comes to basic nursing care?2021-04-19T12:35:32+05:30

At Sri Matha Old Age we have between 1 & 2 nurses on duty at any given shift (morning- evening- night).

Most of the basic nursing care requirements are done in-house and are part of the service fee. This includes:

  • Medication Management
  • Diabetes Management (Sugar charting, Insulin administration)
  • All emergency care- Oxygen administration, CPR, suctioning
  • A well experienced and knowledgeable nurse or attendant
  • Psychological Counseling
  • 24X7, HealthCare Center Availability.
  • Physiotherapy
What is the staffing and how well are they trained? What kind of staff you have?2021-04-19T12:36:07+05:30

We have nursing staff that is certified and then trained in-house in geriatrics and dementia care. Each house is run by a live-in Facility Manager who is also a senior nurse with administrative experience. There is staffing round the clock, so all residents get 24X7 care apart from addressing emergencies.

What is the type of activities planned at Sri Matha Old Age Home?2021-04-19T12:36:42+05:30

We are planned activities depending on each person’s abilities. In general, we engage residents in:

  • Occupational Therapy twice a week
  • Volunteer visit
  • Movie screenings
  • Group lunches and celebrations
  • Outings (Both group and individual)
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Channel Music
  • Indoor Games
  • A Regular visit to Park
Please explain emergency response?2021-04-19T12:38:56+05:30

We have all emergency protocols in place- a medical emergency, fire, fall. The entire team is well equipped to manage emergency situations.

Can I personalize the room and bring my own furniture?2021-04-19T12:39:38+05:30

We highly recommend you to bring in your stuff and personalize your space.

What kind of food do you provide?2021-04-19T12:40:07+05:30

The food is customized as per the requirement and medical restriction of the resident. We serve regular meals in all our homes and it includes Hygienic Food, snacks, Pure Vegetarian Food, Special Nutritionist recommended diet, fruits, beverages, desserts, food festivals, special celebrations etc.

What special meals are billed?2021-04-19T12:40:41+05:30

Any particular food/ fruit/ juices procured specifically for a resident (as a personal choice or because it is prescribed) outside of the regular menu is billed. Please note that we do quite a lot of customization in the menu since each resident has specific needs (and this is not billed) but for e.g., if someone needs a specific fruit every day then that is charged extra. In the menu, we serve non-veg food twice in a week, but, if someone would like to have it more than twice, then it is charged extra as it will be procured & prepared by the kitchen team only for that particular resident.

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